Intuition Basics for Beginners


  1. Teal Swan
  2. Sonia Choquette  
  3. Jeffrey Allen
    Practice: Try a few of the options below to become better attuned to your intuitive voice.  Once you master answering the questions “correctly” and responding accordingly, try relying more on feels than on thoughts.


  • Ask (without interference from thought): “What would someone who loves themselves do?” for every decision you must make, no matter how small.  Teal Swan recommends doing this for a full year to make it habitual and to become more aware of the changes in your body with each possibility.
    •  An answer should immediately flash into your mind.  This is the correct response.  Do not think about it– you are not asking your mind for the solution.  If no answer comes, try asking again later after fully clearing your mind and refusing to think about the possibilities.
    • This is a great first step to begin to notice how different choices affect how your body feels when debating between different outcomes and to notice the results from making intuitive but possibly “unlogical” choices.
  • Practice following your intuition.  Then see what happens when you don’t listen to your inner voice.
    • Jeffrey Allen recommends doing this only in seemingly less important decisions ie. taking a different route to work.
  • Speak out loud in present or past tense one possibility (ex: I took a year off to study abroad).  What changes do you notice in your body?  Does it excite you or make you feel anxious?
    • Now speak the alternative (ex: I continued school to finish a year early).  How does this statement make you feel in comparison?  Does one possibility make you feel more energized than the other?

Next Practices

  • Notice where in your body you feel tension when deciding between possibilities (chest, heart, legs, etc.).
  • Imagine choosing one particular path, how does it feel?  Then imagine how you’d feel on a different path.  Which possible future feels better for you?

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